We're here!

We are here, in our new home in our new town, digging out from under cardboard boxes and getting all settled in!  I'll be on more soon, but for now, know I'm here, and please don't give up on new content:)  Love all you guys!

Two Fabulous Years- Moves 7 and 8

Well, last time I got us right up through move #6.  We had put our house up for sale, listed it for rent, and moved to our fabulous new opportunity.  Everything seemed to be working out.  We had people looking at the house immediately, and before we ever moved I got a random e-mail one day at work from someone who heard we were moving, needed a bookkeeper, and wanted to interview me!  I interviewed and had a job waiting on me when we got moved.  God really, really is good.  None of it was all it was cracked up to be, but all in all, our years there were FABULOUS.  I struggled significantly with my job, due in part to me, and in part to them, but I LOVED and still love the people I worked with.  We really were a family and in the end, they more than did me right. 

We rented a very small home to begin with, but it was brand new.  I liked it very much, but even though he was the one who picked it out, the size was not something my husband could deal with.  About six months after we moved, he was approached by an associate who was in a similar position...he was moving and knew the market was bad.  His home was much larger and had a huge fenced backyard.  He was also on a dead end street.  He would rent it to us for exactly what we were currently paying.  This is how we made our first move right before Christmas, move number 8 in the line of moves.  In the end, it was the most fabulous move ever and it really was a God thing.  We had just joined and AWESOME Church and we were moving into a neighborhood litterally filled with young couples from our Church that had children near our son's age.  We all came out every night when it was nice and visited and played.  It was like a street party ever night!  We were a family, our kids loved each other, and those people helped us through some of the most difficult times in our life.

Our next door neighbors had a son one year younger than ours, and one a year older.  They were together all the time.  That couple announced they were pregnant in January, and we found out in April we were expecting as well... we were about 10 weeks apart, and it was so much fun being pregnant together.  We went through hand-me down baby clothes together, discussed names, and how excited we were that we would be raising our baby girls together.  I knew we wouldn't be, but I allowed myself to dream anyway.  It was fun.

Then we had Ashton, and everything was perfect.  Then we got the call and went through all the Cystic Fibrosis testing and diagnosis.   Our dear friends from Cherokee Street and church family from WBC were sent to us from God for such a time as that.  I know without a doubt that we were sent to that town, that Church, and that street specifically for that time in our lives.  Thank you God and I love you, amen!

Then the time came for the sales tax that funded my husband's job to be voted on again.  To make a long story short, it was an ugly, personal campaign and the tax failed.  Just a few weeks earlier he had been contacted by another town, one much closer to our families, about coming to work for them.  He told them he might be interested if the tax failed, but that he could not discuss it until it knew how that turned out.  The day after the election, he received a call and he went to interview.  They had been watching and knew the outcome of the election.  One week exactly after the tax failed, we had a new job offer.  Praise Jesus, we were headed home!  Our families were beyond excited, a though we were going to miss our Church family and friends dearly, we knew this was a good move. 

During this time we were praying as we always had that our next move would be our last, and although we were excited, we knew this was still not the type of stable job we needed to stay put.  We knew this was not the last move, but we prayed that it could maybe be the next to last.  Also, during this time, it had been over 2 years since we put up our last house for sale, and after two sets of renters, it was empty and still ours... ouch. 

And all that is how we came to move #9, where we are currently, for a few more weeks anyway...