The Origins Continued... moves 4, 5, and 6

Okay, so I think I got us throught he third move, right?  Well, decided it was time to begin a family, and we got pregnant almost the minute I stopped taking the pills.  My husband graduated, got a job in our college town, and I was offered an outstanding opportunity that offered full paid maternity leave!  Here comes move number 4.  It took around 3 months to sell our house, and we were able to commute until then.  I finished my pregnacy in a comfortable rental house, and all was good.  Then, in the spring, when our son was an infant, the house was not so good.  The warm weather brought out numerous critters, including ants and wasps, and the pest control people told us there was nothing they could do!  I could not have my new, precious baby there.  We bought a house across town and there was move number 5.  When our son was 8 months old I was offered a management opportunity in a neighboring town, the town we lived in prior to this one, where we owned our first house.  Go figure!  So, I accepted and began a daily commute.  It was all good at first, but numerous circumstances, some that I could control and some I could not, made this my most stressful job EVER.  In the meantime, my husband also took a new position, and commuted daily back to the state capital.  We made the decision NOT to move our family as we felt we needed to settle and were tired of moving, even though both of our jobs were now more than 50 miles from where we lived. 

The, my husband received a phone call.  A town in Northeast Arkansas was looking for an economic develper, and they wanted to interview him.  His was highly recommended.  He turned them down.  It was too far to commute, and we did not want to move again, despite the growing negative situation at my job.  However, a while later they called again.  We felt lead to at least see what they had to say, so he interviewed.  We had our "list" of what an offer would have to be before we would consider moving again.  How much pay, relocation assistance (our previous moves had done some financial damage), and more.  They came through with everything we had on our list and much, much more.  After careful prayer and consideration, we decided to go.  The only issue was our house.  We immediately put it up for sale and offered it for rent.  It was a town that two colleges after all... it had to at least stay rented, right?  That was how move number 6 came about...

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