Premamma Prenatal Vitamin Review

It's been awhile, that's no doubt.  I recently found out I was expecting my 3rd, and that is something we never planned for.  I sold all my baby stuff before my youngest was a year old!  I have no clothes, crib, pack-n-plan, or anything else.  We are starting over, but we are crazy excited about it. 

This pregnancy has been so different than the other two.  I have felt sooooo yucky this time.  Seriously, for the past two weeks it was all I could do to get out of bed.  That makes taking a prenatal vitamin extremely difficult.  Enter Premama Prenatal Vitamin! 

This is a huge lifesaver if you are worried about not being able to take a vitamin to get your baby everything it needs. This is a tasteless powder that dissolves without a trace into anything, so you can eat or drink whatever you actually feel like.  Just mix the powder in.  Sounds like a great idea to me.

The company offered me a free sample, but the opinion in this post is solely my own.  They are even offering a 30 day supply free to one lucky reader.  Comment below to be entered.  Good luck!