Finally! Some Love from Kraft

So I have been in the group that has been drooling jealously over all the great offers others were getting in their Kraft First Taste account. Recently a ton of people have reported up to 6 freebies including mac-n-cheese, lunchmeat, Kool-aide fiz drops, Crackerfuls, and Digornio. A ton of these are things we purchase either regularly or stock up on when we find a great deal. Well, low and behold, today I logged in, and while I did not have freebies, I had either $1 or $1.50 off of each product. Yay! I do NOT know what changed, but I do know that earlier this week I was chosen to host an Oscar Meyer Thrill of the Grill house party (a Kraft brand), so, another Yay! I don't know why all the love from Kraft all the sudden, but I am sure am happy to accept, lol!

Stay tuned for more on the House Party. I am super excited. It is the Saturday befor Father's Day so I am doing a hot dog Father's Day party for both sides of our families. The dad's included will be my father, my father-in-law, my brother and brother-in-law, and possibly my sister-in-law's brother-in-law. That's a LOT of in-laws. I can't wait!

Great Walgreens Deals this week!

Okay, so if you live in Arkansas and some other states you can get a GREAT rebate deal at Walgreens this week. Spend $15 on anything in the store and get $10 back! Here is the kicker... it is sponsored by Coors. I do NOT drink, however, you do not have to buy any alcohol, and I cannot see how they are getting any advertising any differently whether I apply for the rebate or not. Basically, they are just paying me to buy some stuff, which does not benefit them at all and totally benefits me. I do not have the form yet and I will let you know how it goes. I plan to use it in conjuction with the following deals:

Little Swimmers on sale for $6.99
Coupon for $2 off in May Walgreens coupon booklet
$1.50 off coupon from
Final Price- $3.49!

Oscar Meyer Hot Dogs $2.99/ bogo
Use $1 off 2 from or 5/16 newspaper insert
final price- basically $1 each (and this included the all beef which my husband insists on!)

Oscar Meyer lunch meat 2/$5
used $1/2 coupon from
Final price- $2 each (These are $3 each at my Walmart, and the Walmart brand that is comparable is $2.50, so this is a good stock up deal!)

12-pk coke and dr pepper products
4/$14-3 RR
Final price 4/$11 or $2.75/ 12pk

The best way to do this is to buy your cokes first, get the Register Rewards (this is just like cash toward other purchases), then use that when you buy your other stuff. After you receive your $10 rebate check, this scenario should net you 4 pks of cokes, 2 pks lunchmeat, 2pks hotdogs, and a pkg of little swimmers for $13.48 +tax. The original cost before sales, coupons, and rebates would have been around $35 depending on the store and area. This is a savings of 61%!

Unless it is going to cost you $10 in gas, this deal is probably worth it even if you have to drive to the next town to get to a Walgreens:)

UPDATE: Apparently the rebate is only good at Walgreens stores that sell alcohol... even though you do not have to purchase alcohol to get it. Bummer! Still some great deals though, and I hope some of you get to take advantage of the rebate:)

Friendly Friday

Check out Friendly Friday here. Sounds like a blast!

Randomness and updates

A quick update on the Covergirl Blast makeup I've gotten to try for BzzAgent. I actually really like it. I am surprised I like the cream shadow as much as I do, and I want to try some other colors. The lip gloss is great, easy to wear, not sticky, and super shiny. A word of warning though, it is NOT a bold look. It is for those days that you do not want to look "made up." Also, it does have to be reapplied often. I don't mind that though, and the look is really nice.

Also, I just joined a new BzzCampaign. This one is to try a hair smoother. I do NOT usually use that type of product, as I have fine, thin hair that I am constantly trying to get some body into it. However, just this week I got a sample of smoothing lotion in the mail and decided to give it a try. I LOVE it! So this new campaign came at just the right time:)

If you use Huggies, check out There are some great coupons there, and Kroger has a really good sale of them this week. You can get them for $4.99 a package if have 3 $3 off coupons from I won't be doing this deal because Walmart has rolled back the big box of Parent's Choice to where they are still cheaper (they were $14.96 and now they are $12.50, yay!), and they have always worked for us.

Now, here is a really cool thing. Over the past couple of weeks, through signing up for freebies and winning a couple of giveaways, I have accumlated the following coupons for FREE products.
1 free Frescheta Pizza
2 free Maxwell House Coffee
1 free Bullseye BBQ Sauce
1 free package Oscar Meyer Hot Dogs
5 free boxes Ranzoni Smart Taste Pasta

Yay! I have also gotten some really good samples of shampoo and lotion lately. I'll try to post pics next week (while hubby is gone and I have more "home" computer time, lol.) I'll be posting more on my sources for freebies soon also. They really do make checking the mail a LOT more fun!

Last thing, two examples of when I believe it is okay to use coupons for things you wouldn't normally buy:
My family LOVES TGI Friday chips. They are usually around $2 and the bags are smaller than a lot of chip bags. I do not think they are a good value, but they are yummy, and my son and the rest of my family gets really excited when I get them. There is a $1 off 2 coupon out there right now. My opionion, if I have the room in my budget, the coupon makes a good excuse to treat my family. (Also, last time I used these coupons I bought two and accidently handed the lady two coupons and it too $1 off of each of them!)
Second example: My husband is picky about hot dogs. He wants Oscar Meyer, all beef, bun- length. Well, these are typical $2.98-$3.98, when I can get another brand of regular hot dogs for $.99! It drives me insane to spend $4 on a package of hotdogs. Well, there is a $1/2 coupon out there right now, and all Oscar Meyer hot dogs are on sale this week 2/$3... so I can get them for $1 per package. Can we say STOCK UP for summer!

Sorry for the randomness. It has been awhile since I could post as my family was sick last week, and though I didn't have what they had, I was sick also. I'm back now though:)

Let me know in the comments what you might you a coupon for that you wouldn't normally buy if you didn't have one.

God Bless,

Covergirl Blast

I got my Covergirl Blast package from BzzAgent today. It included one lip gloss in "Smolder" and one Smokey Shadow Duo in "Citrus Flair." I used them both for the first time this morning. My initial reaction on the lip gloss in "Yay!" I LOVE it. The applicator is different, it fits to your lips better and seems to help avoid smears.:) It is light, smooth, and honestly, I am very picky about lip gloss but this is GREAT.

As far as the eye shadow, I've never been a fan of cream shadow, so I am going to give this a few days to really give a true opinion. The one thing I have noticed is it is MUCH lighter than any cream shadow I have ever used. I can wear it and not feel it on my eyelids, which is a HUGE plus in my book.

I was provided a free sample of this product for review as a BzzAgent, along with coupons to give out. I received no other compensation and all opinions are 100% mine.

Are coupons your idol?

So, I am new to this coupon game and I really do LOVE it. However, there are limits. I ran accross a blog today that perfectly sums up what I was trying to describe in my last post. The coupons, the blogs, the deals, they can be GREAT tools in your journey to be a woman worth "More than Rubbies," but you CAN take it too far. We have to have our priorities straight and remember why we are doing it. Check it out here.

4 deodorants for $1.77!

Brookshire's has a great sale on deodorant this week:) The Dove deodorant is on sale 2/$4, as is Degree. My hubby uses only Degree deodorant and I am not brand loyal, so this was a great deal for us. How you ask? Walmart typically has those brands cheaper than this all time. Well, I had 2 coupons for $2/1 Dove and 1 $3/2 Degree , making my Dove free and my Degree $.50 each!

Why don't I post all the deals all time? That is now what this blog is really about. I do want you to get great deals, and I will try to link up the especially good ones, but there are tons of blogs that do that way better than I ever could. Check out all the buttons in my side bar for several of them. These ladies do a GREAT job. This blog is more about WHY we want the deals. Personally, now that I know they are there, I feel it is my responsibility to use the tools available to me to manage the money I have been blessed with wisely.

What about you? Why do you look for deals, or why not, or do you want to but don't yet? Let's discuss...