Great Walgreens Deals this week!

Okay, so if you live in Arkansas and some other states you can get a GREAT rebate deal at Walgreens this week. Spend $15 on anything in the store and get $10 back! Here is the kicker... it is sponsored by Coors. I do NOT drink, however, you do not have to buy any alcohol, and I cannot see how they are getting any advertising any differently whether I apply for the rebate or not. Basically, they are just paying me to buy some stuff, which does not benefit them at all and totally benefits me. I do not have the form yet and I will let you know how it goes. I plan to use it in conjuction with the following deals:

Little Swimmers on sale for $6.99
Coupon for $2 off in May Walgreens coupon booklet
$1.50 off coupon from
Final Price- $3.49!

Oscar Meyer Hot Dogs $2.99/ bogo
Use $1 off 2 from or 5/16 newspaper insert
final price- basically $1 each (and this included the all beef which my husband insists on!)

Oscar Meyer lunch meat 2/$5
used $1/2 coupon from
Final price- $2 each (These are $3 each at my Walmart, and the Walmart brand that is comparable is $2.50, so this is a good stock up deal!)

12-pk coke and dr pepper products
4/$14-3 RR
Final price 4/$11 or $2.75/ 12pk

The best way to do this is to buy your cokes first, get the Register Rewards (this is just like cash toward other purchases), then use that when you buy your other stuff. After you receive your $10 rebate check, this scenario should net you 4 pks of cokes, 2 pks lunchmeat, 2pks hotdogs, and a pkg of little swimmers for $13.48 +tax. The original cost before sales, coupons, and rebates would have been around $35 depending on the store and area. This is a savings of 61%!

Unless it is going to cost you $10 in gas, this deal is probably worth it even if you have to drive to the next town to get to a Walgreens:)

UPDATE: Apparently the rebate is only good at Walgreens stores that sell alcohol... even though you do not have to purchase alcohol to get it. Bummer! Still some great deals though, and I hope some of you get to take advantage of the rebate:)

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