Randomness and updates

A quick update on the Covergirl Blast makeup I've gotten to try for BzzAgent. I actually really like it. I am surprised I like the cream shadow as much as I do, and I want to try some other colors. The lip gloss is great, easy to wear, not sticky, and super shiny. A word of warning though, it is NOT a bold look. It is for those days that you do not want to look "made up." Also, it does have to be reapplied often. I don't mind that though, and the look is really nice.

Also, I just joined a new BzzCampaign. This one is to try a hair smoother. I do NOT usually use that type of product, as I have fine, thin hair that I am constantly trying to get some body into it. However, just this week I got a sample of smoothing lotion in the mail and decided to give it a try. I LOVE it! So this new campaign came at just the right time:)

If you use Huggies, check out coupons.com. There are some great coupons there, and Kroger has a really good sale of them this week. You can get them for $4.99 a package if have 3 $3 off coupons from coupons.com. I won't be doing this deal because Walmart has rolled back the big box of Parent's Choice to where they are still cheaper (they were $14.96 and now they are $12.50, yay!), and they have always worked for us.

Now, here is a really cool thing. Over the past couple of weeks, through signing up for freebies and winning a couple of giveaways, I have accumlated the following coupons for FREE products.
1 free Frescheta Pizza
2 free Maxwell House Coffee
1 free Bullseye BBQ Sauce
1 free package Oscar Meyer Hot Dogs
5 free boxes Ranzoni Smart Taste Pasta

Yay! I have also gotten some really good samples of shampoo and lotion lately. I'll try to post pics next week (while hubby is gone and I have more "home" computer time, lol.) I'll be posting more on my sources for freebies soon also. They really do make checking the mail a LOT more fun!

Last thing, two examples of when I believe it is okay to use coupons for things you wouldn't normally buy:
My family LOVES TGI Friday chips. They are usually around $2 and the bags are smaller than a lot of chip bags. I do not think they are a good value, but they are yummy, and my son and the rest of my family gets really excited when I get them. There is a $1 off 2 coupon out there right now. My opionion, if I have the room in my budget, the coupon makes a good excuse to treat my family. (Also, last time I used these coupons I bought two and accidently handed the lady two coupons and it too $1 off of each of them!)
Second example: My husband is picky about hot dogs. He wants Oscar Meyer, all beef, bun- length. Well, these are typical $2.98-$3.98, when I can get another brand of regular hot dogs for $.99! It drives me insane to spend $4 on a package of hotdogs. Well, there is a $1/2 coupon out there right now, and all Oscar Meyer hot dogs are on sale this week 2/$3... so I can get them for $1 per package. Can we say STOCK UP for summer!

Sorry for the randomness. It has been awhile since I could post as my family was sick last week, and though I didn't have what they had, I was sick also. I'm back now though:)

Let me know in the comments what you might you a coupon for that you wouldn't normally buy if you didn't have one.

God Bless,


  1. I love using coupons--especially at CVS--I have much to share with others this way with all the free items I score. Have you ever written, emailed or called manufacuters for coupons? Often I write and compliment them on a product and get great coupons--often for free items.

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