4 deodorants for $1.77!

Brookshire's has a great sale on deodorant this week:) The Dove deodorant is on sale 2/$4, as is Degree. My hubby uses only Degree deodorant and I am not brand loyal, so this was a great deal for us. How you ask? Walmart typically has those brands cheaper than this all time. Well, I had 2 coupons for $2/1 Dove and 1 $3/2 Degree , making my Dove free and my Degree $.50 each!

Why don't I post all the deals all time? That is now what this blog is really about. I do want you to get great deals, and I will try to link up the especially good ones, but there are tons of blogs that do that way better than I ever could. Check out all the buttons in my side bar for several of them. These ladies do a GREAT job. This blog is more about WHY we want the deals. Personally, now that I know they are there, I feel it is my responsibility to use the tools available to me to manage the money I have been blessed with wisely.

What about you? Why do you look for deals, or why not, or do you want to but don't yet? Let's discuss...

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