4 Products I Have Replaced with Coconut Oil and More

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So I posted here about what kind of coconut oil I use.  That post was a direct result of being asked the question several times, which was a result of me talking about how awesome it is, a LOT.  That being said, this blog is meant to be a ministry.  I do not intend to make it one big advertisement.  I DO love to tell people when I find great products, especially when I think they make us better wives and mothers by helping us stay healthy, making our families healthier, or saving us money. 

That is why I love coconut oil so much.  In the past 5 years, with the addition of 2 children with a chronic illness (learn more about that here, herehere, and here), I have learned to listen to God more closely when it comes to our lifestyles and our health.  I truly believe He gives us all we need.  I believe that there are often remedies in nature that can help us even better than man made remedies.  I also know that He made doctors and allows them the knowledge to do what they do, so I do not discredit them nor do I try to heal all illness with natural medicine.  I just have grown to be more open to trying certain things, and I will blog about that often.

For now however, I want to let you in on some ways I use coconut oil personally and KNOW that it works.  I do not know anything about some of the many claims about illnesses it can cure, and I know nothing works for everyone all of the time, but I DO know that it works for these things for me. 

4 Products I Have Replaced With Coconut Oil

·         Shaving Cream- Seriously, and I have not noticed a negative effect on my razors.

·         Facial Wash- Apply, leave a few minutes (while you brush your teeth or if in the shower while you wash your hair or shave), then wipe clean with a warm, wet wash cloth.

·         Moisturizer- I use it all over my body.  It is awesome, and yes, I do use it on my face after I wash with it.  I have oily skin but this stuff is so light I still need a thin layer after rinsing it off, and it soaks in very quickly…just trust me and don’t knock it till you try it.  This past week I have even been using a drop of lavender and a drop of frankincense essential oil to it and the results have been amazing.  I will post more about how our family uses essential oils later.

·         Baby Lotion- I have a 9 month old in addition to my two older children (5 and 9) and she is the first I have done this with.  Instead of commercial baby lotion, I rub her down with coconut oil, and at night I often add a drop of lavender to help her relax and sleep.

Other Ways I Use Coconut Oil

·         Cooking- It is great for frying eggs and sautéing.  I have not tried baking with it but I hear it is good for that also, and I would believe it.

·         Eating- If you have a good quality oil like the one I posted about here, it really tastes great.  It is sort of toasty and sweet, but very subtle.  I mostly love to put it in my coffee (be prepared for greasy lips), but I have spread it on toast and it was yummy.

·         Oil pulling- So weird I know, but swishing it around in your mouth for 20 minutes really does whiten your teeth.  I cannot attest to all of the claims of what oil pulling can do for you, but I know dental professionals agree it can be good for dental health, and I really and truly feel more energetic on days that I do it.  It is just finding the time to go 20 minutes without talking that is hard for me! 

I do not claim or even know if I believe it can cure all of the things it says it can.  There is really no way for me or most regular people to test many of those claims.  I have personally seen it works great in the ways that I use it, and I know it increases my energy when I add it to my coffee.  I know this because I often only get one cup of coffee these days and it is okay!  They say this is the medium chain fatty acids at work.  I also know my skin is healthier and better than it ever was with expensive skin products, it tastes good, and my teeth are whiter when I use it for oil pulling.  So, there you go.  Give it a try.  No harm no foul right?

If you use coconut oil, how do you use it?  If you don’t, are you planning to give it a try?  What are you going to try first?

To Answer a Question: Coconut Oil

This is just going to be a quick post about a topic I get asked about a LOT!  I get this question several times a week usually, so I thought this might help.  The question?  "What coconut oil do you use?"  Well, here it is.  I use this! 

Click that pic and you will go straight to Amazon and you can order it from there.  You may find it other places also.  Just for disclosure, this IS my Amazon associate link so I do get a few cents if you happen to buy it after you click here...but I could get that with any brand I send you to.  This is the one I use and I LOVE it!  It is the best value for the price in my opinion and I use a LOT! 

Why do I use this one?  It is unrefined...to the point that I sometimes even find little bits of shell left in it.  What does that mean?  It means a LOT of stuff, but the most important in my opinion is that it has the best smell and taste out there.  There are other unrefined brands that are probably great too, but the question is what do I use...so here it is! 

Feel free to ask questions, and I will post more later about HOW I use it.