Why I Blog and Other Amazing Stories

Why did I start blogging? Well, it started about 5 years ago when I read “What Happens When Women Walk in Faith” by Lysa Terkeurst. In the book, she encourages women to let other’s know what God has done for them. Don’t let the information die with you. Journal it so your children can read it one day. Share it with the world! I was praying over this and pondering it when I heard the Lord’s gentle whisper mention the word “blog.” Lysa talks about her blog in her book, and it was a fairly new idea at that time. The only place that I knew I could do it was Myspace. So, I set up a myspace account under a different name and wrote a few feeble blogs. I didn’t try to add friends or anything, I trusted God to bring whoever needed to see what I wrote to that page. But I didn’t keep it up… apparently the timing wasn’t right.

Fast forward a few years. The Lord continues to amaze me. There are some CRAZY God things that have gone on in my life and now I have SO MUCH more to share. I hope they grow everyday. I LOVE to see God working, and to see the supernatural at work. In the next few posts, I want to tell you about how God has provided money, peace, comfort, and preparation in the most AMAZING of ways. There is so much to tell it is going to take a few posts, but I will share one quick one now.

One morning about two years ago, I was having my quiet time. It was a season in my life when I was able to have a “real” quite time, and was flat on my face, praise music in the back ground, having an amazing conversation with my king. My husband and I had been off of birth control for about a month and a ½, just letting nature take its course, and we were discussing the possibility of me trying to get into teaching. I was asking the Lord about the teaching, to just show me one way or the other (funny how we do that when we have a decision to make) and he very, very clearly spoke… the words were in my head and heart and were NOT my own… I was not even thinking about having a baby at that moment. He said “I am going to give you a baby, but…” Well, I was so shocked I literally jerked my head up, and then I continued my prayer, completely forgetting the “but” and just said, “Thank you Lord.” I can tell you I thought about the baby part all morning, but the “but” was pushed to the back of my mind until about 10 months later. (That is another story.)
When I got to work that day I checked my calendar and realized that I should be getting my period that day… but I am one to jump the gun, so at lunch I went to Walgreens, bought a pregnancy test, and drove across the street to the Taco Bell to take it. With my son the positive showed up right away, and it was the day I was to start…so when I didn’t see anything, I thought to myself “Well the Lord didn’t say He was going to give you a baby TODAY.” I went to my car, tucking the test in my purse. When I got to the car I looked one last time, and there it was, those two pretty pink lines saying I was going to be a mommy again, and verifying what I already knew was AMAZING! God had really, truly spoken to me that morning! Here it was, He said He was going to give me a baby and here is my positive test! J He chose THAT morning for THAT message… wow and AMEN!

If you don’t have chill bumps yet, stay tuned…


  1. I just started bloggin myself. I am not sure mine is that profound, my sister said I had too!!! I don't know that I usually give into such pressure, I know I didn't want the responsibility and pressures. I have ended up loving it. The other day my husband said, "Your kids and friends could read your life story ( of which there is about 400 pages) and they wouldn't know you as well as they would from reading your blog." Well, there you have it. Now I have to go to blurb.com at the end of the year and print it so it is a little record of my life.

  2. What a beautiful description of your "real" quiet time. I long for that so deeply. It's been years since I've had that...since having more than one child, really. But I know one day I will have that kind of quiet time again. Isn't it amazing how audibly the Lord will speak to us when we really get quiet, block out the world, and meet with Him???