Legitimate Survey and Product Testing Companies- They Do Exist!

I really do not push a LOT of this, but there are a few survey/ product testing companies that I really, really do think are GREAT. Two of these are Opinion Outpost and Synovate. Since I joined up with each of them, about 4 months ago, I have earned $30 and got to test two products that were extremely practical and has actually made a dent in my household budget for the past couple of months. Each time they came totally unannounced and were great surprises:) The cash came from Opinion Outpost, and of course it will vary based upon surveys that you qualify for. I know of people who have made hundreds. For me, it is just a fun, easy way to make a little extra spending money (aka: Sonic drink money, lol!). The products came from Synovate, each time after I had completed a survey about the product, but they didn't tell me they were sending some for me to try! I highly recommend each of these companies. Check them out today!

As always, if you are worried about junk e-mail (which I really do not get a lot of with these particular companies) you could always set up a separate, free e-mail account and use it to sign up:0)

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