Decoding the Martha vs. Mary Issue

I hope the title of this post didn't lure anyone here under false pretenses.  I do NOT have this issue decoded.  In fact, just the opposite, and I would love to get your views on it.  I KNOW there is a lesson here, but for some reason I always feel like  I miss it.  It is one of those stories those of us who have grown up in Church have heard many times, Jonah and the Big Fish, Noah's Ark, Adam and Eve, Queen Esther, and of course many stories involving Mary and Martha.  The one I am referring to is the one where Martha is doing all the work and Mary gets to listen to Jesus teach.  I would like to issue a disclaimer here.  I am being honest because I am hoping to get some clarity.  Jesus told Martha that Mary was gonna get to do that, and she should.  He did not tell her she could take a load off as well.  Every time I hear this or hear a lesson on it I can't get past the "what about me" syndrome.  I KNOW it is better to listen to Jesus, but the work has to be done, and Martha was doing it.  And while she was told Mary was going to get to do what I am SURE they both wanted to do.... she was not told she could indulge.  Hmmm... seriously, I know Jesus is always right and I have a big lesson to learn here, but I'm not there yet.

The closest I have come to some clarity and a breakthrough is this.  Perhaps the "seasons" rule comes into play here.  This is not my season to do whatever, be it ministry, Tuesday morning Bible Study, Wed. night AWANA, or whatever for whatever reason.  It was not Martha's season to listen, but rather to serve.  I came to this, and began to feel better about the whole situation when it was brought to my attention that the next time we see Martha her brother has died.  She hears Jesus is there and she rushes out to meet him not worrying about the mourners who have filled her home.  This time, Mary stays and deals with the company.  This was Martha's season to listen and Mary's season to serve.  Of course we should all always listen to the Lord, but I hope you get my point.

Okay, enough rambling, I would LOVE to get your thoughts on the matter.

The Last Move?

Awhile back I blogged about our many, many moves.  I don't think I finished.  It doesn't matter now.  I truly believe we are where God means for us to be, and I believe we will be here for awhile.  I have no clue if this move will be our last, but I think we will do the majoriy or child raising here.  Why?  Well, for one thing, EVERYTHING I have prayed for, the big one, the main prayer I have had for many, many years has come to fruition here.  "He will give you the desires of your heart."  Yes, I know that does not mean He will give you everything you want, but I have waiting, if not always patiently, for His timing.  I am home with my babies, taking care of them , raising them.  It is NOT everything I thought it would be.  Things are not perfect.  My work has to be done after they go to bed.  This often means I am working into the wee hours of the morning.  The ends are meeting, even overlapping, but the overlap is VERY small.  He knows just how much bad and GOOD we can handly.  I know it sounds strange, but think about it. I have seen in little ways, big ways, and supernatural ways we are to be here in this season of our life.  I hope to post about each one.  For tonight, we are here, I have to get to working, and however difficult it is, working until 2 or 3 a.m., cutting back, whatever, it is waaaaay worth it to be home with my babies, and I will PRAISE HIM for it.... it is the answer to the prayer those closest to me KNOW I have prayed for a very long time.  It is only for a season and very, very worth it.  Thank you sweet Lord!

June Cleaver I Am Not

Oh how I wish I was though... except for the part about not sharing a bed with my husband...but wait... my kids and my new job don't really allow that on a regular basis right now either, lol!  Anyway... do you ever get in a groove and think wow, I have it together right now, only to have your bubble burst in a big, or little way?  When it comes down to it, the little needles pop  a bubble the same as a big one does.  For example, I spent the afternoon preparing a loving meal for my family, complete with homemade rolls and homemade cinnamon rolls for tomorrow morning before Church.  I was feeling quite impressed with my self.  The majority of the house work was done for the week.  La, la, la, la..... Then my husband asked me to please not park so close to the wall in the garage... very nicely, but here it came.  The voice in my head saying "dummy, can't you ever make him happy?"  Then I went to get a cap for my son to wear to the hockey game out of the top of his closet and it hung up and brought a ton of stuff crashing down.  Again," can't you do anything right?:"  Then the self doubt... "did I clean the cabinet good before I kneaded the dough for the cinnamon rolls?  What if the powder from our science project early in the day was spilled?  Will the cinnamon rolls make us sick?"  "You didn't dust today, what were you thinking?' 

That is the devil.  Yes.  I am not saying I shouldn't stop parking too close to the wall, or that I shouldn't have dusted, those are things that need to get done.  But I wasn't exactly lazing around all day either, and I enjoyed time with my family.  Still, he is GOOD at what he does.  I'm worrying about those dang cinnamon roll right now!  Ugh... anyone else ever have times like these? 

Oh my goodness!

I am totally here and HAVE to get back to this.  God has been doing so much in our lives and I cannot wait to blog about it all.  I am extremely busy though, with my new life as a...drum roll please....WORK AT HOME MOM!  This is a major answer to a prayer for me... but a lot different than I imagined... which is great for blogging about too... so bear with me please... and thanks to those of you who have stuck around.  For now... let me just say I am learning that God, our Creator, knows exactly how much of the easy road we can handle before we try to leave Him behind.  So, sometimes when things aren't as easy as we thought they would be.... it is Him making sure we stay close.