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He Prayed for Me!

I know I really should have know this, but I was reading about Jesus' prayer in Gethsemane this morning.  I have heard and read for years how He prayed for the cup to pass from Him.  What human wouldn't?  And he was human!  He was also God, which is why He was able to do what He did on the cross, but being ONLY God would have made dying on the cross not much of a feat.  He HAD to be human as well for it to be true sacrifice.
However, this morning, I read the story of the prayer in John 17.  He not only prayed for Himself, he prayed a beautiful prayer of intercession for His beloved disciples.  Then, wonder of wonders, He prayed for all believers.  That's me!  Just hours before His death, when he knew full well what the coming hours would bring, the Son, the Great I AM, the Alpha and Omega was praying, interceding, for ME!  How humbling.  Thank you sweet Jesus for all you did so many years ago and for what you continue to do today.

An update on ideas to celebrate Holy Week.  One night we baked unleavened bread to have with supper an discussed how the Hebrews left Egypt so fast they had no time for bread to rise, so that is what was eaten at the Last Supper during Passover, to commemorate.  The next day we made risen bread to celebrate a risen Saviour.  Last night we made a cross-shaped cupcake cake.  (It was supposed to have white icing to show He washed our sins white as snow on the cross, but I used a little too much vanilla!)  But we discussed what He did on the cross, and how He is not longer there, but risen.  Not sure what we will do today yet, but those things turned out well:)  Happy Holy week ya'll!

Easter Traditions

Okay, I am calling on all of my awesome bloggy followers for advice.  With my children now getting older (2 and 6) I am looking for ways to get intentional about Holy Week.  Specifically, I am looking for creative ways to teach about what happened each day of the week.  I would love to hear some ideas from you guys! 
Thanks in advance:)