Fitness Coffee

I can't wait to try this! Kind of pricey, but if it's good, it might be worth it...I heard about it and checked it out... this is what their website has to say about it...

A Healthy Way to Start the Day -
• The most functional all natural fitness beverage on the market
• Naturally rich in antioxidants with over 3.5x the antioxidants of green tea and significantly more than red wine
• Known to help consumers lose significant weight by naturally enhancing metabolism
• Gourmet Italian blend for a rich and full taste
• 100% all natural product with gourmet coffee and 16 of natures finest supplements
• Does not contain any artificial additives, sugars, flavors, GMO or MSG

The first 5 people to blog about it get a free 1/2 bag... check it out here...


  1. I will have to check that coffee out! My husband would really enjoy it. Too bad I don't like coffee, I will have to stick with my tea! Stopping by from iFellowship!

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