The "Everyday" Struggles

If you walk with the Lord, you know the way it works. Our lives are not peachy keen just because we are Christians. We love the Lord, but he still allows struggles into our lives. I know this, and I have done fairly well at remembering this during the "big" struggles. We have been VERY blessed that there have been so few "big" struggles in our life... the biggest would obviously been Ashton's diagnosis with CF. The Lord had prepared me for that to the point that I of course knew He was in control and it was to be used for God's glory. Now, I do NOT want to gloss over this. It is true, He used this time to draw us closer to Him, and it is amazing how He prepared us for this before it happened.

But that is not what I want to post about today. Today I want to post about the "everyday" struggles. Perhaps it is your weight and making healthy food choices. Do I eat that cinammon roll or whole grain toast with peanut butte? It could be one without the other. For example, I do not have a weight problem, but I do have a problem choosing to eat healthy foods and excercise. Maybe it is debt and spending, or a combination of food and spending. Do you have any idea how much a few Sonic drinks or McDonald's Frappes can add up to in calories and money in a week's time, or a month, or a year? Maybe it is sleep, or lack of it. Maybe it is organization, or laundry, or just general housekeeping. Do you ever feel like everyone else in the world can easily keep their home peaceful and picked up except for you? (Trust me, my husband wonders this about me often, lol!)

I did get some quiet time with the Lord this morning, and during my devotional reading, He revealed that He created each of us with our own, unique, everday struggles on purpose. He created us with the particular struggles that would draw us closer to Him, and KEEP us close to Him EVERYDAY! One person was created with a predisposition to make food his/ her idol, and was given a body that would easily show the consequences of poor food choices so as to remind them that they do not get to indulge that way, and the ONLY way they can deal with that struggle is in God's power.

With another person, God knew that person would have a propensity put too much importance on material posessions, so they do not have an abundance of money. He knew that it would take His strenghth to help that person be a good steward of what He gave him/her. That was the POINT. We are SUPPOSED to lean on Him and His power.

He knew the one lady would have a barren womb, and that she would cry out daily for a child. He also knew she was the PERFECT person to parent the soul just waiting to be born, that for another reason, known only to Him, would not have any parents on this earth to take care of it. He could place that baby in her womb, but He has a beautiful plan for that also, truly, seriously, really it is for the good of everyone. All the pain and suffering that goes along with that is meant to bring you to a beautiful, intimate relationship with Him.

Still another was created with a desire to have a neat, tidy home where everything is always done. But if He were to let that person get all of that done in her own power, why would she need him. Really, if everything was perfect in our lives day in and day out, we would only come to Him when the "big" things hit. That is NOT the relationship He desires with us. We were NOT created to simple live here and be happy. We were created to BRING GLORY TO HIM:)

So hard, I know. I am not trying to gloss over these struggles, some of them are my own. I know they are real and raw, and that is just how God wants us to be with him. He MADE us how we are when we are real and raw anyway. Be honest with Him, cry out to Him, go ahead and be angry with Him if you must, He already knows you are anyway, but LOVE Him and Trust Him, and when the storm is over, when the tears subside, open your heart and mind, ask Him how you can use this to glorify Him, listen... and EXPECT Him to speak!


  1. Thanks Faith, for this post. God's timing is so perfect and I am grateful that He inspired you to write this. I wanted a place, a reason, a motivation to share how grateful I am for the trials that I've been given. I opened an old wound when I posted my blog last night. It shook me and I was floundering to find stable footing again this morning.

    Gratitude and giving God the glory is the only sure foundation for stable footing.

    I cannot begin to enumerate the trials of my life in this little box - but to onlookers - my trials have been extraordinary. I would not go back and lose one of them. Not one. I know that God chose my trials and it becomes more apparent every day that He knew what He was doing in me. It took some horrible events to turn my heart around. Praise God for loving me through it all.

  2. Great post! The little trials are sometimes the hardest as we are hit with them each day. Just read this quote today: Any concern too small to be turned into a prayer is too small to be made into a burden. Corrie Ten Boom
    Have a great day!

  3. I love this!!! I often teach about how sometimes it's hard to trust God with the little stuff more than with the big stuff.

    I love what you said about living to God's glory!! Amen sister!!

    Happy iFellowship Day!