Preparation for the "but"

I am not going to tell you what the "but" from my last post is yet, although some of you already know. First, I want to tell you that when I was 6 or 7 months pregnant we watched a video in our Sunday School class. It was all about how God created us, fearfully and wonderfully, He knit us together in the womb, He made us exactly as we are, He had us planned from the beginning... all I could think of was the precious baby in my womb. I had NO IDEA nor did I have any reason to believe that ANYTHING could be anything BUT normal. Yet, that baby is exactly where my thoughts were during the whole video, as probably would be any expectant mother's. Here is the video... I still get goosebumps...

The fact that the Lord had us in this exact Church (we move often) at this exact time in our lives, in this classroom (how we ended up there becomes amazing in it's self when we look back), to see this video, is truly the amazing, supernatural, awesomeness of our Amazing God!

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  1. That was so moving. It made me cry. Thank you!