The Origins of the Prayer

This is the beginning of a few posts about how the decision to make this move came about. I need to you feel a fraction of what my husband and I have felt over the past years for you understand what a huge decision this has been.  I also need whoever decides they want to read this to understand how this opportunity was an answer to a huge prayer, and what the origins of this prayer were. This decision is one that has saddened and hurt some of our family members, maybe beyond repair, and we are very sorry for that. It is one that will change the course of our children's lives, but we believe ultimately for the better.

First, let me restate that my family and I are moving to Knoxville, TN.  This is at least 9 hours away from everything we have ever known.  My husband and I grew up in the same, small South Arkansas town.  When I say small, I mean no McDonalds, no Walmart, and no Dollar General until after I moved.  There is a liquor store for every Church, and at least 100 of each, lol!  I was 15 when we had our first "date," in which he picked me up at the ball field where my parents were watching my brother play little league.  He met my parents, they discussed how they knew his parents, and we were off to my house, 8 miles outside of the this small town in the middle of the woods,literally, to watch a movie.  He was 17.  It was not love at first sight.  He told his parents that night he would not be doing that again.  I talked too much.  He was right, I do:) 
He did do that again, however, and we married four years later, in May after my freshman year of college.  He was going to start his senior year after the summer.  Those four years were dramatic to say the least.  With teenagers, especially girls, there is always drama, right?   A year in high school together, two years with him in college and me in high school, and then a semester of us both being at college before we got engaged.  We struggle with the long distance issue, with the "are we too young to really be in love issue," and many more.  However, if there is one thing I know in this life other than God sent His son Jesus to die on the cross to save our sins, and that because of that I am going to heaven, it is that God created my husband and I for each other.  I have known that for a very, very long time.  He created the circumstances of our lives to draw us together, and I am eternally thankful for that. 

The point of these posts it to record what God has done in our lives to this point.  Sometimes it may seem common, but almost all of it is supernatural, and I want the world to know.  I'll start with my 109 followers.  Stay tuned...

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