Never Give Up

Today's post is a quickie because frankly, my kids are on fall break and I want to finish my work so I can play with them.  Today I am praising that I am doing my work in my kitchen's "office corner" while my kids are happy in the living room or play room.  I did not have to figure out childcare for the break, or how to pay for the additional care that would be needed if I were at a regular 9 to 5.  Let me rephrase; I am and shouting from the virtual rooftops THANK YOU LORD!

If you ARE a mom working outside of the home today, you may be fine with that.  That is OKAY.  God has a different plan for everyone, and if you are at peace with it, and you still serve your family as He commands, you are superwoman in my book:)  I did it for years but NEVER had peace.  I knew God COULD change it, but honestly I did not know if he would.  I also knew it would take a totally unforeseen miracle. 

It came on the same day I watched my grandfather air lifted from one hospital to another, moments after I kissed him on the forehead and saw him conscious for the last time.  As I was driving home my husband called and told me about a phone call he had gotten to interview for a job.  This was a job we had prayed for, but you have to understand, he had NOT applied for a job.  We had no clue there was an opening and at the time, no idea how they got his name.  This was the "miracle" we had prayed for... the moved mountain so to speak.  There is so much more, but for now I want to encourage you today that if God has planted a desire in your heart do not lose hope.  Do not give up.  He will grant the desires of your heard that He places there in His time and likely in a way you never imagined.

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