Just When I Thought I Had It All Figured Out

I give up!  Lol!  Had a new job, increased hours, fine because my dear daughter loves preschool, then decreased hours so can't pay for preschool and gas, now dear daughter still in preschool and I am hoping I can make enough working at home to keep her there because she loves it so much. 

I have been trying to figure out what the point of the job was anyway.  Did I make a mistake in accepting it or even pursuing it?  I don't think so.  Here is what I have come up with, with some guidance from the Father.  I would never had put her in preschool for more time each day if it were not for that job, and being back in the workforce outside of the home for a short time has reminded me of somethings that will make me more successful working from home.  So here we go again.....do I have it right this time?  Who knows!?  We shall see... in the mean time I better get to work.  Have a great weekend!

The Tables Have Turned

It is a very, very strange feeling.  I have spend my entire mothering career, over six years, striving, worrying, and aching to find away to stay home with my children.  As I said in previous posts, we decided dear daughter should go to preschool at least part-time, but I always knew if income did not support it I could bring her home with me and continue as we were with me working from home.

 Well, the tables have turned.  She loves preschool SO much that I am now looking for a way to keep her in.  My boss at my new job cut my hours.  We apparently miscalculated the amount of work or the time it would take to do the work.  Either way, it means less money.  So, instead of my original plan of if it does not work out we are no worse off than we were before, it is now a mad dash to figure out a way to KEEP her in "daycare." 

I honestly think she would be heartbroken if I took her out.  This is a strange, strange feeling, but she is learning a lot and truly cannot wait to get back each day.  I have to wonder if this is the Lord's way of prompting me to go back to work full-time, but only prayer and time will tell.  It has been a crazy couple of months, but we have definitely had crazier and we are so very blessed.  Praise Jesus for our health and family!

When Working Away From Home is Better... Who Would've Thought

So my dreams came true and I got to work from home.  Of course the true dream would be not to have to work at all other than as a wife and mother, but that is not happening here anytime soon.  Working from home has been a true blessing beyond measure and allowed a lot of things to get done that were very, very stressful before.  However, the extra time with the kids still wasn't there.  We still struggled to do Ashton's treatments, Jackson's school work, and housework.  I was up at all hours of the night working, and I was contantly putting the kids off to meet a deadline.

Enter God with a new blessing.  My daughter LOVES pre-school so much that I began a part-time job outside of the home.  It pays for preschool and still leaves at least as much as I was making at home.  I get off at 2:00 so I can pick her up just after her nap, go get my son, and when we get home ALL I have to be is a wife and mother.  I miss them like crazy, but my son is in school anyway and my daughter cannot wait to get back every morning.  When I was picking her up before nap she was asking to sleep there, so really all I did is let her. 

Another schedule change, but everyone seems to be adjusting.  Still tweaking the house cleaning schedule, but it will come.  And I can still write from home on days when the kids are out of school and I have to be here with them.  God is so good... and who would have imagined that working away from home would give me more time to be a wife and mother?  It seems that way anyway... I guess we will see.  Of course the key is that is it PART-TIME.  Thank you Lord for good gifts!