Karen Ehman is beginning her online study based on her book "A Life That Says Welcome."    She is going to lead us through the book and offer practical ways to open our homes to others, which I am positive our lady in Proverbs 31 did.  There will be special guests and giveaways each day(see who and what here), and on Friday there is an idea swap and link up party.  Check out the first lesson which just posted today here.  I think you will be blessed. 

When your done, I hope you will come back and share.  I am doing the study, so I will be posting some thoughts on it here since it is in line with the topic of this blog.  I would love to hear from you.  Today Amy Bayliss is talking things that made her feel welcome as a child and how to use that to make others feel welcome today.  When I was little, I loved going to my grandpa's house.  My grandmother died when I was very young and he was single for a long time, but he always had me over anyway and we had something fun like Coke floats.  He was also the only person I knew with a satallite dish (it was HUGE), and he would sit through HOURS of the Disney Channel just so I could watch. Though an older widower is not normally what we think of when it comes to hospitality, the point is to consider what made US feel welcome, so we can get in that mind frame of making others feel the same way.  Now head over here to join the conversation.   I just know you'll be blessed.  If you still need a book, the publisher is releasing a new print that should be available this week.  Until then Karen is making it easy to join in without a don't let they stop you!

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