"Strength and Dignity"

"Strength and dignity are her clothing." 

So, okay, I am pretty sure this isn't talking about actual clothing, but if it were, what do you think strength and dignity would look like?  I think it applies.  Us moms are notorious for the stereo type of not showering before noon, spit up all over our sweats, and make-up being only for special occassions... like leaving the house, lol!  If you work outside the home, chances are this is not an issue for you.  It wasn't for me just a few short months ago when that was my life.  But if you work at home, as I do now, or being home IS your work, which is enough of a job in and of itself, then you may struggle with this.  I doubt dignity looks like a ratty pony tale, gray sweat pants, and your husband's white under shirt. 

I understand more than you know that sometimes it cannot be avoided, but other times, well....not so much.  I plan to write later on being clothed in strength and dignity, but for today, check out the new e-book release by Sarah Mae.  She is offering "Frumps to Pumps" for free today for those who subscribe to her blog, which is a great read also!  It is a month long challenge to get dressed everyday.  While I can say I do dress everyday, it is often just before my husband comes home.  I think I would be much more productive if I did it FIRST!  Let's see what Sarah Mae has to say about it:)  See more here.

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