Ahhh Spring... and New Life Everywhere!

As spring begins to awaken here in middle Tennessee (at least the weather man says it will tomorrow,) I feel like I am coming back to life myself.  I broke my foot just before Thanksgiving, requiring a cast that stayed put through the holidays.  That put a major crimp in my decorating, shopping, baking style not to mention regular housekeeping.  The cast came off in early January and life was good again.  In late January (January 29th to be exact) we received news that a bonus bundle of joy was headed our way. "Whoa" and "Yay" were my two reactions, respectively. 

That was until this third little munchkin kicked my mamma booty.  Don't misunderstand…the "Yay" was still there, but it was muffled for a bit by the swirling in my stomach and my head.  I barely felt bad at all with my other two, at least not to the point that it affected my life any.  By the beginning of the 6th weeks this little booger had me where I could barely get out of bed!  Yikes! Work wasn't done, housework wasn't done, and basically not much was done at all.  I got everyone fed, there was no rotten food lying around anywhere, and my youngest got her CF treatments.  That was it.

So now, Spring is here, and with it comes that oh so joyous second trimester.  It is time to get some major work done to make way for summer fun, and time to whip this poor pitiful house back into shape.  Here is what I need from you guys.  I need help. Your best ideas for cleaning and organizing from any source you have.  Do you have a routine?  a schedule?  Let us in on it.  Maybe the rest of us can find something that works for us as well :) 


Leave ideas in the comments or even leave links to your own post on the topic or to your related Pintrest board in the comments.  Go!

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