The Great Homeschool Debate

Do you homeschool?  I don't, and I said I never would, but now I really want to.  My husband and I are on different sides of this so I have no delusions that I will get to do this with any of my children.  My reasons for wanting to do so are many, his reasons not to are many, and all of our reasons either way are understandable and reasonable.  This is a hot topic so please feel free to weigh in in the comments!

 Fact is however, I have my baby girl home with me for one more year.  She attends a great program two days a week, but due to the fact that she knows all letters, the sounds they make, all numbers, and she is beginning to sound out words as well as do simple math problems, I feel she needs more.  We simply cannot afford the 5 day a week Pre-K programs in the area, so I am going to do homeschool preschool  3 days a week, with a new baby, while working from home. Yikes! 

I am looking at a lot of different options.  If we had another computer I would do  I have heard GREAT things about them.  However,   I don't see a separate computer in our future, so I am also looking at the ABEKA Pre-K curriculum. 

What do you suggest?  I know several out there have homeschooled Pre-K before.  Any helpful tips or tricks? 


  1. don't ever second guess yourself faith. you are an incredible mother, and you're common sense is beyond that of average people. being a mom is hard, and i'm just discovering this. you've done a phenomenal job thus far if your sweet little one is THIS prepared for school already. search with GOD to find your answers to your questions. we are MOTHERS for a reason. it's to MOTHER, teach, and mold our children into the people we'd like for them to be. best of luck. - randi jo

  2. Awe, thanks for the awesomely sweet comment. I can't take credit for her current state of preparedness however. She honestly just picks most of it up. It is amazing what she remembers. Being a mom IS hard, but we just do the best we can by God's grace, knowing it is sufficient, and supporting each other along the way. Thanks for your support!

  3. My Father's World is a popular Kindy curriculum.. and I LOVE all about reading. The first half of Math Mammoth 1st grade, + an abacus, might be a fun intro to math.

  4. We do homeschool. Our children (well teenagers now) attended public school for the early years of their education. Our daughters both have learning disabilities and special needs. We pulled them from school when they were in 6th, 3rd and 1st grades. I had been feeling the Lord directing us to homeschool for sometime before pulling them out. It was my mouth that got us into homeschooling. Haha

    We had a meeting with school administration about our oldest daughter. They told us (right in front of our daughter) she would never learn properly without medication. UGH! I knew she had trouble learning but please don't say that in front of my daughter.

    Sorry for the book comment! Haha I would really seek His direction in regards to homeschooling. Talk it over with your husband. My husband was not really on board with homeschooling at first.