Why Would Anyone Want to Hear from Me?

Why would anyone want to hear from me?  That is what I kept asking myself years ago when God put the desire for this blog in my heart.  If you know me at all you know I am very, very shy and I hate to talk (If you believe that you really don't know me at all.)  Those of you that DO know me personally are picking yourself off the floor and wiping tears of laughter from your eyes.  I talk.  I talk a lot.  So much so in fact that it almost lost me a second date with my husband, and my foot has bad to be dislodged from my throat way too many times.  I had no problems wanting to write about all kinds of things, but I did have problems believing anyone would want to hear what I had to say badly enough to actually read it.


I discussed this with God, and here was His answer.


God: Use my words, not yours.  This isn't going to be about you.  It is going to be about me.

Me: Okay, I can work on that, but how do I get people to read it.

God:  You don't.  I will.  It may not seem like it, and you may not ever know it.  You write what I tell you, and I will make certain that the words get to where they need to go.

Me: Okay, but what makes me anyone that anyone would even consider listening to.  I mean, I get it, you are God and you can make miracles, but can you help me out here, just a little?

God: What have I done in your life?

Me: Amazing things!

God: Tell them that.  Show them.  I have put you in many vastly different seasons in a short amount of time so you could share what I have done for my glory.  Do it. Share your weakness and my strength.

Me:  Okay then.


I then began to think.  I can relate to so much.  I have been a working wife that worked crazy hours. I have been a mom working crazy hours. I have been a mom working outside of the home while taking care of a preschooler and a chronically ill baby. I have been a mom that received the news that her baby had a chronic illness. I have been the mom that had to move and find new childcare and a new job. I have been the mom that sent her first to school. I have been the mom that found out another baby had a chronic illness. I have been the mom that works from home. I have been the mom that works from home and tries to figure out how to take care of two chronically ill children and not ignore the other one. I have been the mom that homeschools. I have been the mom that works from home and homeschools.


I have been the wife that deals with financial success and the wife that wonders how we are going to pay the bills.  I have been the wife that wondered why her husband ever loved her and the wife that knows, beyond a shadow of a doubt that her husband and marriage are nothing short of a miraculous gift from an amazing God.  I have been the wife that wondered, at the same time, how I could live with this man one more day. 


I have been the woman that lived an entire 18 years in one small town and spent the next 16 moving to 7 different towns.  I have been the woman that had a corporate career making great money and the woman wishing she could just stay home and raise babies and not have to have this job anymore.  I have been the woman with tons of friends and the woman who had start all over in a new town making friends.  I have been the woman active in Church and the woman seeking a new Church home. 


There are billions of women in this world more qualified to talk about anything and everything more than me, but I am not the one from whom these words come.  I am making it my goal and I promise to do my best to only write as God leads, and I trust He will do with it what He intends.  My only intentions are to use this platform to tell what He has done in my life and bring glory to God through it.  You can join, you cannot, you can believe I can't relate to you because my life is so different, and that may be, but it may not have always been. 


Either way, I know He will get the words where they need to go, and if nothing else, He has already changed me through it. To that I say, keep it coming Lord.

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