What God Has Been Doing

My oh my what God has been doing in the life of this chaotic hot mess of a mamma!  When I first began writing this blog it was due to a word from God that I should write.  I needed to get out there how I saw God moving in my everyday life for others to see, now and in future generations, that they might recongnize His work in their own lives. 

Much of the first year of this blog was a lamenting of how I knew there had to be an easier way.  It was a documenting of my struggle to balance work and home with the woman God wanted me to be, and an outward expression of my prayer to be at home with my children to better serve them and my husband. 

I knew God's promise to grant the desires of my heart, and I was waiting (not necessarily patiently) for Him to either get me home or change my heart.  I really expected the latter.  I knew in Him ALL things were possible, but my human mind could not fathom a course of events that could possibly get me home.

Oh sisters have I got a story to tell!!!! Praise God!  I have been working from home for over a year now, and oh how God has blessed and provided.  He gives just enough for us to enjoy His good gifts, but not so much that we forget to lean on Him.  He knows the exact balance of what we need to be the best we can be for His glory. 

Stay tuned... I really will write more this time.  If you are visiting from PinTriedIt, welcome!  If you are new, look around.  Some of my favorite posts and great places to start, in my opinion, are here, here, and here.

God bless, and I look forward to continuing what God started here!

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