One of my worst nightmares, and a blessing in disguise

One of my worst nightmares has come true. I have struggled with this, truly, since I began this blog. I recieved a comment from potential reader that reads as follows:
"I was so excited about your blog when I read your header; I NEED guidance in being a Proverbs wife, big time. But then I saw that all your posts were about sales and deals, which is great. But I was really hoping for sage advice about being a Godly woman. So I'm not going to follow because there are so many other blogs that post about these deals. Good luck, though! And let me know if you change gears at all! I'd love to read about true Proverbs advice."
OUCH! I was seriously afraid this was going to happen. Here is my response. I do post deals. That is part of the "financial wisdom" in my description. I want this to be a place to come to to find resources to help us be more financialy wise women. That is PART of being a Proverbs 31 Woman, and as an accountant, it is my natural bent. However, generally, I just carry buttons for tons of the other blogs out there that do this... as, like I said, resources. When I come across an exceptionally good deal, I make a post, sometimes I get paid when someone clicks on it (financially wise of me I think) and sometimes I don't... but they are still good deals. For example, the download of "Radical" that I posted about yesterday... I just wanted you guys to know about it.
The problem is, there does tend to be more of these "deal" posts as they are quick and easy to post, and I work full time. It takes a little more time to get another type of post together. I do mean for this to be a place of discussion and encouragement for all of us trying to be "Proverbs 31 Women." I have apparently failed and I vow NOW to do better... I am going to start small... with one "devotional thought" post a week, at least. I am going to commit this issue to prayer even more so, because I was lead to do this several years ago... and finally got up the guts to do it! I believe I am MEANT to do this.
This comment, however, is a true blessing. I have been VERY discouraged lately in the belief that no one was reading the "real" posts, and what was the point? I have been proven wrong... in an unfortunate but effective way. So, to those of you coming here for more than deals, I pray I can give you what you are looking for... and maybe you can enjoy the deals too?:)
Now, how about this... any questions or discussion points you would like to see written about? I have SO MANY that it is difficult to determine what to post about first. What do you guys want to talk about?


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  3. I hate when people post that they are now following you, making it clear that they did not read the post at all.

    I am so sorry for not being more careful in my wording when I sent you that message. I truly just wanted you to know that I had stopped by but that (I didn't think) your blog was what I was looking forward. I really hope I didn't hurt you. That would be the worst things ever! I should have done more reading before making a judgment call. :(

    I will definitely read more. I hope you'll give me a second chance. My goal in life is to build others up, not tear them down. So I'm so sorry if I was discouraging in any way.