A cheaper alternative to satellite and cable

My husband and I splurged for our Anniversary and bought a ROKU Digital Video Player. I was concerned about spending the money at first. Along with the box, we had to buy a new modem as well. In all, the total cost for us was about $200. However, it is a one time expense. We have the cheapest Netflix package there is. We got this so my husband could stream video to his laptop while he is traveling... he travels a LOT. The Roku allows us to stream Netflix directly to our tv. We have 100s of movies and tv shows we can watch whenever we want, as well as the option to have one DVD at a time for about $10 a month. I am so glad I agreed. Now my next step is to convince him to actually cancel the satellite... we'll save about $70 a month! If you can save up the money, or you get some for a give, I highly recommend the Roku... Netflix also has a huge selection of family friendly and children's movies and shows, and they add new stuff quite often:)

One thing, we do have DSL. I am not sure how well it would work with dial-up. Does anyone use this with dial-up?
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  1. Hi Faith! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am now following you back. We recently cancelled our cable, as well & now only use Netflix & Hulu. I love saving the money & my family doesn't even miss the cable!

  2. I just came across your blog via my sister's blog and read this post. I LOVE what you stand for- a girl after my own heart:)! We also do the netflix package and stream it through our Wii for those of you who have a Wii out there- it is so easy and CHEAP to do. We use Hulu and the various network sites to watch whatever shows we may be following and just use good old rabbit ears on the TV for local news, and get world news via internet. It saves a TON!