Dealing with disappointment and anxiety

Okay, so this is a blog about becoming a woman of noble character. So, I want to put a question out there. How do women of Godly character deal with disappointment and anxiety? One way, the only way, His Word. Of course, that is obviously easier said than done. I am missing a fun trip with my husband this weekend due to a sick baby... and another child who was drinking after her soon before her illness was make of course we are praying our other child doesn't get it, my husband doens't get it (he still had to take the trip.. if was work related), and that I don't get it. Praying hard! The disappointment over the trip is no fun, but the hardest part for me to deal with is the anxiety. Worry about my son catching it, and worry about my husband, and yes, me, catching it. I hate to throw up... but also, who takes care of my babies if I'm sick? So, a large portion of my prayers today have been for peace, the kind that transcends understanding that is promised in His Word. I can feel it, I even heard Him whisper, well, really shout, it will be okay! So why am I still worried... I am human. How do I deal with it I have just been keepin' on reminding my self of His promises, and the promise He has made to me. I would love to hear your thoughts...

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