Making Your Home a Haven

As I have said before, I really mean for this blog to be a place to come to find practical resources to aid us in becoming more like the "Proverbs 31 Woman." One of these resources that has been INVALUABLE to me is the devotional book "Making Your Home a Haven" by Cyndy Salzmann. It gets to the heart of why we need to make our homes peaceful and chaos free, and offers PRACTICAL advice on how to do this in the midst of life. As I was searching for a link for this post, I found out that is it is on a GREAT discount at What a great bonus! I hight recommend this as a study guide for your quiet time with the Lord.

Since reading this book over 2 years ago, I have had another child. She has Cystic Fibrosis, and it has rocked my world. I say all that to say that my God given role as the heart of the home has not changed because of this, but I have become slack. I need to get back on the ball, but I am going to have to start small, and I need some accountability ya'll... below I am listing 3 goals that I am hoping I can develop into habits. Getting these things done usually depends on my dear daughter's mood at night, but she is getting older, and these things really do not take that much time. Also, my husband deserves this and more. (I read a quote one time that said that your husband may not notice that there are clean towels when he takes a shower, but he will sure notice if there are NOT any!)

Here they are:

  • I want the sink to be empty and the dishwasher to be full every night before bed. It should be turned on in the morning before leaving, and the breakfast dishes should bein it. (How can I complain about dishes when I have a dishwasher?)

  • There should be at least 1 load of clothes washed, 1 load dried, and 1 load put away every night.

  • I want to make up the beds every morning.

I am sure you all think I am a TERRIBLE housekeeper now. These things should be a given, right? They are ALL things that I know should be done, but I truly struggle with actually getting them done. Am I alone? What are some of the basic housekeeping issues that you guys struggle with, if any?

Really quick, I have one more thing to say. My last post said how I feel about the deals I post here. I stand by that. If I think it is a practical, valuable resource, I will post it. The same goes for reviews. I plan to be picky, but if it can be a resource for our purposes here, I think there is a place for it:) The Proverbs 31 Woman was frugal and resourceful, and we should be too:) Stay tuned for my first review!


  1. Girl, you are not a terrible housekeeper! I am definitely awful. I hate doing all housework. I never make beds, and I never finish all the dishes and laundry. They're both always works in progress. :)

    Good luck on your endeavor, though. I love that you set attainable, fairly realistic goals for yourself each day.

  2. P.S. It might help to write your list and post it on the refrigerator...along with a scripture, perhaps. I wrote out our daily schedule and posted it on the refrigerator. So now I can read over the schedule a few times a day to see which things we've forgotten (like brushing teeth, often) and decide whether or not we need to do them or can omit them for the day.