Upcoming CSN review

It is my desire to provide you with practical resources to aid you (and me) in our journey to being more like the Proverbs 31 Woman. One blessing I have been given as a way to do this is the opportunity to review certain things. If they are a valuable resource for our purposes here, I will let you know. Soon I will be doing a review for CSN stores. I had never heard of them before jumping into the blogging world, honestly! However, after browsing their website this afternoon, I am hooked. They have everything from dinning room tables, to coffee pots, to laundry hampers at GREAT prices. These guys could be extremely useful for those times that you HAVE to get something new... the leg breaks on your dinning room table, your coffee pot goes out, your toddler needs a "big kid" bed. The prices looked really good. They have an awesome gift department as well.

One thing I noticed that makes their website unique is that you can filter your search on a more defined dollar amount than most, as well as different shipping needs!

Check back soon and see what I found out!

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