How freebies can get you in trouble

I really like freebies. I like trying new things, I like that they save me money, and of course I like that they are free. The problem is, they have a purpose. They aren't free because the manufacturer is just being nice. They want you to get hooked and buy their product. I not usually brand loyal AT ALL. I am loyal to my check book, lol! I won't use it if I don't like it, but I will choose the cheapest I can get away with. I feel this is part of being a good steward with the financial blessings the Lord has blessed us with. I have gotten my self in a predicament though. I recently received two free sampls of Aveeno Nourish shampoo. I really, really liked it! So much I even ran water in the little packet to get out the last little bit! Not only that, I have had compliments on my hair on days the only thing I did differently was to use that shampoo, so obviously it really is good for my hair if other people notice. Problem is, it is WAY more expensive than I normally spend, and more than I CAN spend. So now I am waiting as paitiently as I can for a great sale to pair with a couple of coupons I have (hoping they don't expire) and wishing for more free samples in the meantime. I'm afraid I might break down and actually pay for it though... see, freebies are great, but they can get you in trouble:)

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