Great book, great blog, and a neat use for freebies!

One of the Blogs I follow is written by Karen Ehman of Proverbs 31 Ministries. She has written some neat books on creating memories for your family, hospitality, and organization. All things a wife of noble character should do, right? Sooooo, I wanted to give you a link (here) to check out her blog, and also let you in on a neat little tip from one of her books. I read "A Life that Says Welcome" several years ago. I have tried to incorporate several of the tips into our lives, and in many areas I have failed MISERABLY! However, one of the tips I have actually used is to create a "hospitality box." How often do you have overnight guests that might forget a toothbrush, razor, shampoo, whatever? Well, the idea is to have a container full of that sort of stuff, extra toothbrushes, shower gel, razors, lotion, whatever, ready to go when that happens. I like to keep it stocked with necessity and "luxury" items in trial sizes and just leave it out in whatever bathroom or bedroom the guests are using so they can help themselves. Sometimes you want to try a new shower gel or lotion just because it smells good and it is different! I am all about saving money on the things my family needs daily, but I have found that another great use for some of the freebies you can get in the mail or with coupons is to keep this little box stocked. I probably spent about $10-$15 stocking with trial sizes to begin with, and truly, if I had been taking advatage of all the deals I can find around the web, I probably wouldn't have had to spend ANYTHING!

I don't usually post freebies, but I have all the resources I use right here on my blog for you... click around the buttons and check them out, follow them, and check back here for more resources often:) (And when I find a REALLY good deal, I'll try to bring it to your attention.)


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