Musical Beds

Do you guys play musical beds at your house? We do at mine. Son (5), lays down with dad while I put baby (18months) to sleep... in her crib. Then we move son to his bed and have "mommy daddy time," which is usually watching a show of the non-cartoon variety that we both enjoy. Then, sometime after mid-night, a child wakes up, if it is son, he gets in our bed... no biggie... if it is daughter, she gets in our bed, unless son is already there, then myself and daughter get in son's bed. Sounds complicated but it is really not and it works for us. We move ALOT, so I have no problem seeing how our son might need the extra security of mom and dad at night.
However, times they are a changing. Son will be starting Kindergarten in the fall, and he is becoming increasingly difficult to get to sleep. Often is it after 10:30 before he falls asleep where ever he is. Also, he no longer stays asleep when we move him to his bed. Within 3 to 4 minutes he is back in our bed. So, though I have ALWAYS been the one saying our kids deserve to know we are there at night since we are at work during the day, and they do not even have the stability of knowing that their house will be their house for long ( since we move alot), a good mother knows children need to be asleep before 10:30, and mommies and daddies need time together. So hubby and I are prayerfully seeking the best, least tramatic way to introduce son back to going to sleep in his own bed.
He is old enough now that he knows we love him and he is not abandoned. I am thinking something like this:
8:30- Brush teeth, use bathroom, etc.8:40- Devotional, prayer, bedtime story (if teeth were brushed in a timely manner)9:00-15 minutes of a video IN BED... I know TV is supposed to "rev up" the brain, but I am trying to wean him off tv with his daddy in bed.9:15- lights outLet the screaming commence. I am POSITIVE this will not be smooth or easy. He will cry, he will scream, he will throw a fit... but now it is about his health. He HAS to get more sleep than he is getting. If he wakes up during the night, he will still be welcome in our bed. I am thinking of telling him if we wakes up and the tv is off in our room, then he can get in our bed, if it is not, it is too early.
I have not run this "schedule" by hubby yet. I have a feeling he is going to be more of a "go to bed, turn the lights off, and go to sleep" kind of guy...
Have any of you been through this? With an older child I mean, like my 5 yr old, not a baby. What were your experiences? What worked for you? Was everyone miserable?

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