When Honoring is HARD!

With the end of our first summer in our new city comes the possibility of me going back to work full-time.  I have been working part-time from home and I am praising Him everyday for the fun we have had this summer. Those who know me know that this has been a dream I have ahd for a very long time.

 I have gotten to see and do so much with my precious babies, and the opportunity has been nothing but God ordained and made possible by nothing short of miracles from Him.  Still, I continue to apply for jobs full time jobs in an effort to honor my husband.  He feels it will be better for us in this season of our lives, and I truly see his point.

  Early on when I realized he still wanted me to look despite the opportunity to work from home (adequate but not substantial income) I was heartbroken. I wanted to refuse, cry, scream, yell at him that he must not trusts God or believe that I should be home with our kids.  However, I know that he is a Godly husband that relies on the Lord for his wisdom.  I KNOW that he is in constant prayer about this and all other situations regarding our family.  That said, and after much prayer, I heard the Lord tell me that if I truly believed that about my husband, I should submit and do as he asks, and trust that He, God, will work it out.
 I used to think that He (God) wanted me home at all costs, but now I know that may or may not be the case. I used to think it was a sin for me to work outside of the home and that if I had to do it I had sinned in financial decision that put me there.  I know that may sometimes be the case, but I now see a different point of view as well.   If He chooses for me to go back, and He might for whatever reason,  He will also choose the job.  It will be flexible enough for me to still take care of the family he gave me, and He will provide caring, loving childcare for the children He has blessed me with.   Until and unless that time comes, I am at peace knowing He will provide everything we need in our current circumstances.

What are some circumstances in which you found honoring your husband, or God, very, very hard?

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