Mary and Martha Again! A Breakthrough?

Yes... I am back to this.  Our lesson in Sunday School, which at our new Church is called ABF (Adult Bible Fellowship) touched on this today.  The lesson was about service, but as soon as they brought up Mary and Martha I could not get past it.  I spent the rest of the time half listening to the teacher and half listing to the Lord try again to work this out in my heart and mind.  Am I the only one who struggles with this?  I have discussed my issues before here with these two women and the particular events of their story noted in Luke 10. 

Here are some of my thoughts on the subject in the past.
  • Neither of them could have had a husband, and we actually never hear of one in scripture.  What husband would actually be happy about a wife sitting around listening to the men, and one important as the LORD, and then find out there is NO FOOD!
  • Wonder what Lazarus would have said if SOMEONE wasn't working on the meal?
Here are some thoughts I had today as I conversed with the Lord. 
  • I (the Lord) fed 5,000 people with two loaves of bread and 5 fish... obviously Martha had underestimated my power.
  • Martha was serving, but where was her heart and with what attitude was she serving with?  I wonder what was going through her head... thoughts like "I have to do all the work."  "I wish I had known they were coming."  and "Why do I have to do it all alone while Mary gets to listen to the Lord speak?" 
I wonder if it would have even occurred to her to be so bold as to almost rebuke the God of the universe if she had be focused on the joys of serving Him rather than being full of negativity.  Would she have even felt that she had been wronged, or could she have actually embraced the opportunity?  I also wonder if the story would have played differently if she had realized he had the power to simply say "Let there be food" and there a a full meal on the table. 

Now, let's apply this practically.  Very, very few of us are going to actually have Jesus in the flesh sitting at our table to create a meal out of thin air.  If we have guests we are going to have to feed them.  So I had the idea, in speaking with the Lord, of "Mary" moments and "Martha" moments.  We MUST create, and be intentional about "Mary" moments.  Take opportunities as they come and create opportunities when need be to sit at the Master's feet.  Whether it be rising early or staying up late to study, praise, pray, journal and other great quiet time "stuff", or taking an opportunity to go to a Lady's Night Out or Women's Conference where His word will be taught. 

By the way, those things are okay for us to attend you know. Of course there are things that can keep us from these activities, conferences and such, legitimately.  However, we should pray for the wisdom to recognize opportunities to spend this time at God's feet.  Go to worship, listen to the preacher, soak in His word at every single opportunity.  Have a Godly radio station playing, practice prayer during the ordinary course of the day such as laundry and dishes.  Be intentional about learning at the foot of His throne.

And in our "Martha" times, watch our attitude.  We must intentionally fight against Satan and take captive every thought for God.  Satan does not control our thoughts unless we let him.  We should spend our times of service in praise to Him as well.  Also, we must not let our "Martha" duties distract us from our "Mary" moments.

I would LOVE to hear your thoughts. 

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