Not Gone Forever

So it has been awhile and I hope to get back at it with school getting started up and finally feeling like we are getting settled after the move.  I think there may be some newbies stopping by, so I thought I would post some helpful links for finding out what this blog is all about.  First of all, I post all kinds of stuff, but the point is to share what God has done in my life so others can see how amazine HE is.  I also enjoy learning more about how to be a Godly wife, more like the Proverbs 31 Woman, so I post a lot about that kind of stuff.  I enjoy trying new products and saving money, which is part of that, so I sometimes post reviews and deals that I come across online or locally.  I might write about my morning devotion or something the Lord is working on me about.  Anyway, here are some links to posts that kind of get at the heart of things. Try here, here, and here.  If you are a new friend and you are wondering if I led you here from Facebook, you caught me, lol!  I love new friends and like to share what God has done in, with, and for our family:)

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  1. Hey Faith! I found your blog on Facebook and have so much enjoyed catching up on your life! You have been blessed with such a sweet family and have such a talent for writing what's on your heart. :)