What exactly should we do for ourselves?

I can honestly see each of us struggling with guilt over spending money or time on ourselves.  I am still struggling with this, and I still have some questions after reading the post I am linking too, but I think it is an excellent start... check out Shari Braendel's post today, here.  If you have some time, and you aren't familiar with her, stick around her blog awhile... she is one of the Proverbs 31 Ministries gals and it is an awesome blog:)  I would LOVE it if  you would come back here and comment on what you think about this whole issue, or check out the new More Than Rubies facebook page and comment there, or better yet, both!


  1. Hey Faith ..this is my first time visiting from ifellowship (I didnt get a post up today, so I am spending my usual writing time gaining some inspiration from others instead!) .. I think this is a great question. I think the post you offered was a great post as well ...Since I am looking very forward to my hair appointment tomorrow i feel I have something to offer in this area :)

    I think that being good stewards of our finances (and all our resources) doesnt mean that we cant spend some of them on ourselves - we need to put ourselves in a situation where we have the most strength to do teh tasks God has called us. It means that we shouldnt feel guilty for taking a nap when we need to rest, drinking water to hydrate us, or getting a new outfit so we feel flirty with our husbands :)

    I think that there can be a point to which we are giving more resources to that area than is wise, but I would guess most of us struggle with the opposite than doing so.

    Great question!

  2. You've peaked my interest.. going there now!

    Happy iFellowship Day!

  3. Wow! It brought tears to my eyes! I'm just glad to know that someone else buys their makeup from Walmart!!

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful post with us all!