A for real way to earn money online

I have discovered a really neat website. Swagbucks.com is a nifty little search engine that allows you to earn points while searching for things you would be searching for anyway. I've been a part of these before, and nothing really came of it, but the different thing here is you can actually see results fairly fast... and you have the option of pretty much a "cash" trade in, not a sweepstakes. You can trade in all kinds of points for all kinds of things, including computers, but the draw for me was the $5 Amazon gift card for 450 swagbucks. It took me about a month to get this many, and there you go, $5 to buy pretty much anything... almost as good as cash. All I did is use swagbucks to do a search for any website I would normally type in the address bar( ie facebook, yahoo, blogger, whatever), and used it instead of Google for any searches I might do. Sometimes I get 3 in a day, sometimes 30...my plan is to save them for gifts, birthdays, etc. Here is the cool part. I'm having a giveaway. I am going to giveaway a $5 Amazon gift card to one lucky reader. There are several ways to enter.

You can get one entry by following this blog, then leaving a comment and telling me you are now following the blog.

Another entry can be had by going to swagbucks and joining up (you can use the widget at the bottom of this blog.)

And you can get yet ANOTHER entry by spreading the word about this blog on Facebook or Twitter....

So there you have it, 3 entries you can get. Just be sure to leave me a comment for each one telling me you did it. I'll pick a winner Monday, the 19th, using probably Random. com. Who can't use a free $5?


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  3. I follow your blog.
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