Housekeeping Guilt and Organization

We all feel guilty about all kinds of things, but lately, my guilt has come from the most common place for me, my home.  Why can I not get it together?  Currently, there are a minimum of clothes in the laundry, and the clean ones are put away for the most part.  The floor was vacuumed less than 7 days ago, as were the hard floors swept and mopped, most areas dusted, glass table cleaned, etc.  I do okay USUALLY at keeping the kitchen counters crumb free.  There are usually dishes in the sink waiting to be put in the dishwasher.  (Who am I to complain, I have a dishwasher, right?!) 

But, truthfully, as far as housework goes, we are barely surviving.  As much as I LOVE to kid myself when things "feel" put together, like right now.  I mean, when you go from DISASTER to moderately livable, you kinda feel good about that, right?  But a closer inspection yields that the baby's room in not so picked up, and picked up only means throwing toys in a basket.  Her clothes are not hung because something else seemed more pressing and she doesn't care anyway.  Son's toys are thrown haphazardly in the toy box and on shelves, and in, GASP, a cardboard box!?  The appearance at a glance is much improved, as everything is off the floor, but seriously?  A cardboard box?

There are piles of "stuff" everywhere, stacked neatly of course, that have been moved from the straight line of vision to give the illusion of "lack of chaos."  Hey, out of sight out of mind, right?  This does not even TOUCH the closets and cabinets. 

Why is it like this?  Well, part of it is lack of time.  Part of it is priorities, I would just simply rather be with my kids and  husband and not keep telling them to go away so I can do a "decluttering" project. The time I do have, while they are occupied or sleeping, is spent on what has to be done to survive.  But a HUGE part of it is lack of organizational tools.  A laundry basket, a toy box, and 3 shelves cannot hold it all.  A basket on the bar is nice for papers and mail, but my husband has banned it saying it is a catchall, in which case it all just sits, along with backpacks for the next day.  I asked for nails for the backpacks by the front door, and was asked why we just couldn't put them in the room of the person they belonged too... I just thought it would be easier to just have them by the door and grab them on the way out...

Anyway, all the neat little organizing "tools" cost money, money that I can see put to better use elsewhere.  So, today I would like to know a two things from you:
1. Is it just me?  Am I the ONLY one who can't make this work?
2.  Please, please tell me someone out there has some low cost or free organizational tips! 

Have a blessed day guys,

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