Hundreds Just Like It

It was brought to my attention today, by a co-worker  I love dearly, that there is another blog out there about being like the Proverbs 31 Woman.  I know that there are a TON out there, but I guess I assumed everyone else knew that too.  So, I just want to get it out there.  There are tons of blogs, websites, and ministries out there on this topic.  Many of them I use and have shared as resources on this very blog (always giving proper credit of course!).  I have even come across some with very similar, though not exact, names.  My goal with this blog is to have a single place to share resources I have found helpful in my journey to be more like this lady, becoming more like Jesus in the process, to share what I've learned, what the Lord has done for me, and to promote discussion on those topics.  I pray that you find encouragement here, but also that you visit those other sites as well and find out what you can from them...


  1. I am hopping in from Friday's hops. Have a wonderful weekend! Would love for you to stop by.

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  2. I love it friend! AND your post is up on Allied Moms!! =) It will be up till all day tomorrow. =)