Is Your Prayer Life Overwhelming?

I am still working on a post about rest and rejuvenation.  It is an amazing study about what our AMAZING Father promises His children.  In the meantime, I thought I would post this tidbit.  Can you just imagine how strong a prayer life the Proverbs 31 Woman must have had?  For YEARS I struggled with prayer.  It was the realization that it was to be a conversation, with BOTH parties talking, and preferably one side (me) doing more listening than talking, that truly changed my prayer life.  However, I still get overwhelmed with all of the things I need to pray for.  I take prayer requests very seriously.  If I say I am going to pray for someone or something, I mean to do it.  However, with tons of people on the Sunday School prayer list, requesting prayer on facebook, in passing daily, prayer for our country, it's leaders, the lost all over the world, friends, family, immediate family, personal, etc., etc., etc., I get more than a little overwhelmed.  The BEST tip I ever got on how to deal with this was from "A Busy Woman's Guide to Prayer" by Cheri Fuller.  If you have not read this book you NEED to get it.  You can pick it up for a little of nothing used from Amazon. 

The tip was this: keep a prayer calendar. You purchase or make a planner specifically for prayer and schedule when you will pray for what.  You keep a "permanent" list in the back for  your daily prayer requests.  Mine included my husband, my children, those for whom I was praying for salvation,  and my own personal issues.  Then, you can schedule the rest however you like. I also had a list for weekly and monthly prayers.  (Yes, I said "had."  I have been lax...:(  )  Prayers for my Church were on Mondays, the Sunday School prayer list on Tuesday's, and so on.  This way, you are praying for everything you promised, nothing is slipping through the cracks, and you aren't overwhelmed or rushed.  The author really explains it better than I do, and she covers a TON of other prayer topics.  I am seriously thinking about giving this one a re-read:) 


  1. That looks like a great book! Prayer is such a hard thing for me. I am going to purchase this book off of your Amazon associates link also so you get a little credit for it!

  2. Thanks so much Danielle! It's a funny thing, I planned out this post and started writing it... realizing I wanted to link to Amazon... it wasn't until I got started that the light bulb went off to sign up for Amazon Associates! If I am going to link to them, might as well get credit for it... but definitely get the book... however you decide to get is FULL of practical advice on how to organize our pray lives:)