Buying Glasses Online

Okay, so we have had a surprise "budget breaker" at our house. I wear contact lenses, but have glasses for when I take them out or have trouble wearing them for some reason. I have had my current pair for 7 or 8 years, and recently they met an over zealous 18 month old. I hot glued them together (yes, I am that cheap, I almost NEVER wear them out!) However, I neglected to mention this to my husband until he noticed they were bent and I tried to brush it off by mentioning they were hot glued. I was commanded (nicely) to get a new pair this week. We do have the money in savings, but I HATE to spend it on something I really do not use that much. However, when I need them, I NEED them. I am extremely near sighted.

Enter my idea to buy glasses online. I had NO CLUE how to do this. Now keep in mind, this whole conversation happened Sunday. Today, Stretching the One Income Dollar has a great post about buying glasses online! I am so thankful, and I know I can't be the only one who wears glasses, so here is the link to this very, very useful post.

Have any of you ever bought glasses online? How did it go? Where did you order from?

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