Made to Crave Week 2

I'm at the beginning of Chapter 6 in my reading of Lysa Terkeurst's new book, "Made to Crave." I just thought I'd let you in on how my first week of the healthy eating plan I chose went. To read more about the "plan" (I use the word loosely) read the post from last week, here.

I decided it was more about making better choices and remembering "all things are permissable, but not all things are beneficial." It is FINE for me to have the Vanilla Dr. Pepper, but is it really good for me? Is it really good for me to have one everyday? Or a Rt. 44 rather than a medium? Sooo, I focused on starting the day with a breakfast that would fill me up longer and help me drive straight on past all those fast food places with their yummy biscuts and gravy inside! Last week this was a sandwich made from toast (1 piece cut in half) 1 or 2 strips of turkey bacon, an egg fried in olive oil, and about a 1/2 cup of honey dew. I avoided fast food ALL WEEK except for a fun, fun lunch date with my 5 year old son on Thursday. We went to McDonalds because I let him choose:) I got the GRILLED chicken ranch club, and 1/2 diet 1/2 real coke. I really, really do not like diet coke, and I should have gotten water. Then, he wanted ice cream, so when I got his cone, I did treat myself to a small mocha frappe, but I had it without whip cream and syrup on top. The rest of the week I ate at home... wait, no, I had lunch with the girls Friday. I chose a simple salad and water... then ate out with hubs Friday night and had bbq and fries.

Now, I know this doesn't sound like "healthy" eating, but when you figure in I was seriously getting into a bad, bad habbit of fastfood breakfast AND lunch more than once a week, and then a frappe or large Vanilla Dr. Pepper several times a week, basically whenever the urge hit, I consider the week a success:) I am just trying to consciously make better choices.

The book is great. The theme in the past few chapters is "I am not made for this." "This" is the battle with food, drugs, pornography (of course the book's basis is on food) or whatever that gets in the way of what we ARE made for... to glorify Him!

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