One of the good ones (Market Research Companies)

I am VERY selective about posting about survey and market research companies. First of all, they are not what this blog is all about. Second of all, I am always afraid I will lead someone to a scam, as there are precious few reliable companies like this out there. There are a few I participate in, however, and I originally began as part of my journey to become like the Proverbs 31 Woman and be financially wise. If I can make a few extra bucks for my family in very little time, shouldn't I? I discovered that I really, really enjoy trying new products and letting the company know what I think, as well as making a few bucks and getting free products. It kind of feels like what I think actually matters.

One company I recently have discovered is Synovate. I discovered them TOTALLY by accident. I was actually doing a survey for them through another site and getting some rewards for it. I wasn't not actually a member of the Synovate panel. You better believe I am now though! At the end of the survey it asked if I would be willing to try new products. I of course said yes, and it asked for my address. This was AWHILE back... all of the sudden yesterday there was a box on my doorstep. It contained 8 rolls of a new toilet paper and instructions on completing the study. (Like, we had to use it exclusively for two weeks, with no other brand, and only our immediate family could use it.) Then they will send me a survey to fill out. Not only do I get to try something new, but since the tp is actually pretty good, I will be saving a little money as well. I do not know how often they do this, or how they select, but if you interested, check them out:)

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