My Best Resources for Saving and Making Money Online

As Proverbs 31 Women, we are called to be good stewards of what we are given. I consider the following two of my best and easiest resources for doing just that! These are old news to lots of you, but I have had a few asking about some of my resources lately, so I thought I would share:)

My two BEST secrets for saving and making money online are Swagbucks and Ebates. I’ll breakdown each below.

Ebates is more of a money saver than a money maker, but you can get a nice check. You use Ebates when you are ordering something online anyway. For example, I order almost all of my Christmas presents online, as well as birthday, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day gifts. Also, when I am shopping for clothes for my family, I order online 9 times out of 10. My husband orders electronics, deer hunting equipment, books, CDs, you name, online. We seriously do about 80% of our shopping online. Why? You can almost ALWAYS find a better price, it is delivered straight to you, and you do not have to fight a store with kids. Now, you have to be prudent about shipping, privacy, security, etc. But that is not really that hard. Just weigh your options and a lot of the time you will come out better online.

Anytime we are about to make and online purchase, even booking a hotel room, we do a search for the merchant on Ebates. If it is there, we enter the site through Ebates. Then, when we make our purchase, we get however much % back they are offering in our Ebates account, and every 3 months we get a check. (We actually get paid through paypal, but you can get a check.) Recently, Old Navy was offering 10% cash back. If you spent $50, you got $5 cash back! You get a sign up bonus, and you do have to have so much in your account before you can get your check (I think it is $10 or $15 now.) But it carries over, and even if you only get $20 a year, that is $20 you didn’t have before, right? They also list coupon codes that are available for each store. Seriously people, in my book, this one is a no brainer… you do not lose ANYTHING by signing up. I have been using them for 8 months, and I have been paid for one 3month period. I got $20 and some change.

Swagbucks is actually a possible money maker. It is a search engine, just like Google or Yahoo. You earn “swagbucks” by searching online, and some other earning options are available too. Once you have so many swagbucks, you can trade them in for “swag.” The BEST deal for your “swagbucks” is the $5 Amazon gift card for 450 sb. I earn at least two of these a month. These are AWESOME to have in your Amazon account for gifts or even household items like diapers, toilet paper, books, clothes, whatever. You can buy almost anything on Amazon! I use like this: whatever website I am going to, be it Yahoo Mail, Blogger, Facebook, CNBC, whatever, I go to and put the address in the search bar. I may or may not win swagbucks… it is random, but I earn at least enough for two gift cards per month through just my natural online activity.

These are not get rich income producers. They are not primary or even second jobs. They are, however, great resources to help you manage and supplement your budget more effectively with very, very little extra time expended on your part.

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