"Made to Crave" by Lysa Terkeurst

I posted a few weeks back that I was one of 30 who was going to receive an early copy of Lysa Terkeurst's new book "Made to Crave." Well, I received it a few weeks back, and the process starts today. Beginning today, we are to start whatever healthy eating plan we chose, read 3 chapters per week and do the accompanying questions/ study, and keep in touch with Lysa's assistand Holly during the process... this will go on for six weeks.

My healthy eating plan was somewhat of a quandry. My issue is probably a LOT different than most who will be reading this book. I am not overweight. However, because of this, I eat absolutely whatever I want, whenever I want it. This leads to TONS of fast food, Vanilla Dr. Pepper, McDonald's Frappes, etc., etc., etc. I figure if I can eat it and not have a problem, why not enjoy?

This sounds like a dream to some and I know that. I am not dumb. I will not lie, I enjoy it. But that is the problem. Should my joy really come from these things? In moderation, as treats, they are good gifts from God... but the way I use them, they are an unhealthy lifestyle that I know will catch up with me. Especially since I will be weaning my daughter soon... and I know my metabollism will slow down some then.

So here is what I decided. For 1 week I will commit to making healthier choices. NO fast food or trips to get Vanilla Dr. Pepper or Frappes. I will however, eat when I am hungry (for real, which is actually a lot.) I will snack, and I will eat a full plate of food at meals, but if I am full I will stop. I will keep up with the calories I consume and see where it falls, and then I will set a calorie goal ( notice I did not use the word "limit") based on that.

Here is how Day 1 has gone so far: I had a piece of mult-grain toast, cut in half, with Land 'O Lakes light butter with conola oil on both sides and mayhaw jelly on the other, 2 pieces of turkey bacon, about a 1/2 cup of cubed honey dew, and my black coffee. My goal was to stay full as long as possible... I REALLY thought it would work. I normally just have peanut butter toast or a buttered biscuit IF I eat at home. However, I consumed all of this at 7, and my stomach was growling at 8. This was 350 calories, and I am waiting until 10:00 to have my granola bar. (15 more minutes!) I also have white cheddar rice cakes for the afternoon. They really are yummy:)

Oh, and I will be having either a vanilla Dr. Pepper or Frappe this weekend...

One more goal... to eat at home everyday (better on the wallet) except for 1 lunch date with hubby, where I will have a (healthy) salad:)

As for the book... finished chapter 1, and it is excellent. Not about dieting at all.... only about directing your craving to the one you were made to crave, Him! Our Heavenly Father:)

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