A morning without quiet time...

This will probably be the last of the series about quiet time. (Lol, who am I kidding!) I just thought I would share my morning experience and see if any of it sounds familiar, and get what you think about how to deal. I got up a little late (first mistake). It was about 10 minutes after 6:00. Soooo, my dear daughter was asleep, but not asleep enough for me to do her treatment. (If you don't know what I am talking about and want to, see what I am talking about here.) Every time I started bopping her chest she would grab my hand and say "stop." Then go back to sleep. Cute, but frustrating, lol! I did pray, as always, as I was trying to get her to sleep. Thank you LORD for that time:) But then I realized I'd spend almost an hour trying to get her to sleep enough for a treatment, and now it was too late to do it, and she was wide awake anyway. So, first off, guilt set in for not giving my daughter the care she needs. Now, before you start judging, this RARELY happens, and the doctors have said that at this age you just have to do the best you can. It will not kill her to miss this treatment, but I try not to think that way because I do not want to start slacking habitually:)

My first thought was "I just wasted and hour." Almost immediately the Lord's voice whispered "How can an hour holding and snuggling one of my precious gifts to you be wasted?" Thank you Lord!

Then, of course, baby is awake, so no Bible Study. No "Made to Crave," not even a verse on the run, and for sure no face down, down and dirty, reavealing, cleansing time with my Heavenly Father. The morning went down hill. A new lotion I tried for the first time is threatening to burn my eyelids off of my face, we were late leaving, so of course, I was late for work. My eyelids were burning so badly I ran a stop sign (thanks for your protection Lord!) My son forgot his chocolate milk and threw a little fit. I can't blame him, I know he wanted it. I couldn't find my make up bag (ended up it was in my desk drawer at work.) Then, I found out a package I sent in the mail never made it, and I didn't make copies.

How do I deal with this. Count my blessings! During our prayer on the way to daycare, I thanked the Lord that we had a home, beds, cars, (and if I would have thought I would have thanked him that we even had chocolate milk!) I'll thank him for that now:) I am thanking him that all the paperwork is coming in for a new month and I can send again easily. I am thankful for a mom that thought enough of me to give me the lotion she decided she didn't want, that the burning is th ONLY reaction. I am thankful for my babies, and I am thankful that my baby girl is healthy enough that though I HATE not getting to do her treatment, I do not have to be devastated over it all day.

So what about you? How do you make the best of the mornings that quiet time just doesn't happen? I feel guilty, I feel bad, but my God is STILL there, I can STILL talk to Him. It may not be the long, deep, intimate, life giving conversation we both desire, but He doesn't walk away. He wants you to want Him. How amazing is that? He doesn't NEED you, mark my words, He doesn't NEED me, but he WANTS us....

Thank you Lord, Amen.


  1. Busy morning really change that quiet time of prayer and reflection doesn't it. I am hailing from FMBT. Come and visit. I am doing a giveaway celebrating 100 followers - a Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker.

  2. Nice post. It is so important that we find the time to just talk to him. I was criticized once for talking to God like a friend rather than with reverence. My thoughts were that there is a time for reverence and a time to just talk. I will never forget that scolding. Sigh...I'll hush or this will be a book! LOL

    Nice to meet you, I popped over from iFellowsihp/

  3. "How can an hour holding and snuggling one of my precious gifts to you be wasted?" Thank you Lord!

    When I read those words, my eyes immediately teared up! I think that way too often at times! I need to relax and enjoy those moments because they are numbered as my kids grow up way too fast!
    Blessings to you from ifellowship!

  4. It's so true. We need to be grateful and not every morning will goes as planned and when it doesn't we should just appreciat the time we get to spend with our precious children.

    Great post.