Family Meals

My husband an I feel it is extremely important to have "family meals" around our actual dinner table. There are all kinds of issues that can cause this not to happen in all seasons of life. In our current season, it is the fact that there is very little time or energy left after work to prepare and actual "home cooked" meal. I get around this in several different ways, including using my crock pot, cooking ahead and freezing, and utilizing leftovers. However, it is very easy to get discouraged when I have nothing "fast" to get on the table, the kiddos are hungry, and I want to throw everyone in the car and head to the nearest Mexican restaurant, but the budget will not allow it. At these times I try to remember that the important thing is not what we eat, but that we eat it together. "Bringing food from afar" does not necessarily mean a huge meal every night. Occasionally, you can share family times over a bowl of cereal, a sandwich, or Spaghetti-os! One word of warning, however, is that your husband might complain if this happens TOO often... although your children very well may not:)

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  1. So true! I often get stressed out over preparing a family meal. It is definitely important to remember that it's not always WHAT you serve, but that you enjoy the time together. Great post!